Ninpo Racing
Naoki's Trail
Local Multiplayer Party Game
A competitive, fast-paced game with changing routes. 2D lateral view divided into 4 screens. For PC.
Jump, dodge, run, slide capture or attack opponents with different traps distributed on the levels to be the first to complete the route.


We are a team of professionals recently conformed. Coming from diverse backgrounds, we all have something in common: our passion for videogames and the will to turn our ideas into reality. We focus on 2D videogames taking place in fantasy worlds that are an amalgam of the many artistic manifestations that inspire us. Our core belief is that not only videogames must be fun, but also the whole processing of developing it.

We are located in Mendoza, Argentina, surrounded by a growing local community and always open to collaborate with people across the world.

Sofia Makita
Sebastian Perez
Game Designer
Emanuel Barrera
Lucas Suarez
Johanna Rios
Concept Artist
Matías Cuello
Concept Artist
Andrea Moreno
Environment Artist
Mauro Marquet
Music / SFX

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